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DeeBeCon offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes a variety of health care coverage options, Referral Bonuses, Performance Bonuses, Tuition Reimbursement, Holidays and Paid Vacations. We are constantly re-examining our policies and our competitors to remain on the cutting edge of "employee friendly" companies.

We have Employee meetings through which we gain the insights of our employees and give due considerations to their feedback's. This enables to discuss issues and ideas. We welcome the employees criticisms in employee benefits, organizational plans and commitments. We are poised to grow and expand and we believe that can be possible only when our employees are happy.

As a growing software company that's determined to stay that way, we are constantly looking for highly qualified and motivated people. We have a profit sharing scheme in which employees can take part. The employees are selected on the basis of number of years they served, their commitments and contributions beyond their expected work.

We appreciate the work done by our employees and recognize by rewarding them appropriately. We actively look out for the mentors, good team players, leaders and exceptionally talented personality from our employee community to maintain DeeBeCon as a happier and committed software house to work with.

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